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  • 3 Types of Management.mp3
  • AK Pangdatingindanadol 2.mp3
  • Gyldenlak.mp3
  • Invisible Planet.mp3
  • kill the eggs.mp3
  • Lords Prayer in Gothic.mp3
  • pandamonium 2.mp3
  • S4 New AK.mp3
  • Sea6.mp3
  • Short Song .mp3
  • siren.mp3
  • Steffan Drum solo.mp3
  • SuperMarket A K.mp3
  • thomas aquinas.mp3

album cover
Last Dust of Demon-ocracy

Cat #: 70
Date: Mar-03
Soundscapes and songs around the theme of decay, civilisation and supermarkets. Samples feature: Richman (solo track), Andrew Garlic, La Verne, Stefan Neville (Pumice), Geoffrey Burnet & Gwendolyn Holmburg. Also; one song from the archives of Some Stumpy Goats (1990 featuring Fluffy Squonk) and the hit single 'Thomas Aquinas' (1993)

Maggotism International
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