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  • a grate new innovation 2.mp3
  • albert_ross_snail.mp3
  • Back Ground Info.wav (2).mp3
  • Caedmon Charm violin.mp3
  • caedmon hymme raw.mp3
  • geoff violin.mp3
  • herethiswhatithinkofyou.mp3
  • industrial deafness edit.mp3
  • pan's active power.mp3
  • Ringospants.mp3
  • saxtrumpet.mp3
  • tango demento Tankman tango.mp3
  • Vision in the Dust.mp3
  • Watching Water phone.mp3
  • with the dots on down 2.mp3

album cover
Maggottism International

Cat #: 50
Date: Jan-03
New Electronic works featuring samples from musicians Anna-Lisa Sviako, Run-Sybil-Spoon, Geoffrey Burnet, Fluffy Squonk, Zuban Weeds, Mr Agrippa and Windmill Ducktablet Daffodile Birdcrumb Wapcaplet and others. Combined with samples taken from a decaying 1986 audio cassette by Snake Beings arranged using the trusty p200mhz.

Maggotism International
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