The Cult of the
Dead Light-Bulb


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The Cult of the Dead Light Bulb.
Modern day splinter group which has broken off from various of the world's Organised Religions. Allegedly founded when several defecting Technicians from the Laboratories of the world's leading Religions met by chance encounter in a "bingo" Hall.
Each founding member had taken with them the latest plans and blueprints for Religious Apparatus and Methods which they had decided not to pass on to their corrupt employers, preferring to sell the secrets to "the other side". Within a short space of time and an excited open discussion, to the soundtrack of the Bingo callers Random number selection, they formed the entity now know as the cult of the dead Light-Bulb.

They came upon the name, The Cult of the Dead Light-Bulb, after one of the group, an electrician by trade, was rewiring a Monastery which , he was told, was a haven for a nameless secret society of monks who had taken to the practice of stealing the broken Light-Bulbs and burnt-out Fuses from the church electrical cupboards, apparently for use in their secret rituals.
One of the Heretics was said to have claimed that the stolen Light-Bulbs were "Charged with Religious Energy" and another claimed that an "Alchemical Transubstantiation" had taken place within the filament of the burnt-out fuse.

The practice of using found materials reflects the philosophy that claims certain 'readily available materials' to contain more of the alchemical essence due to the fact they were found 'without conscious effort'...

Extracts taken from 'The Shrines of snake beings' :'words'